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Drink Pink (Discoverer Series) - ON CATCH UP

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We host a tasting show which you can on YouTube at your convenience. 

We explore the wonderful world of skin contact wines, from the most delicate pink to much deeper shades. Find out all about how these are made, and explore the many different styles available! It's not just Whispering Angel, you know...

Six wines, 100ml samples.  Perfect for a couple to share!

Our starting point for entering the world of Wine Tasting - our Discoverer Series is perfect for people who love wine but are most comfortable picking their favourite or whatever's on special offer in the supermarket. This is a fun, entertaining series that's as much about a good night in as it is about learning about wine.

If you think you might like to push your boundaries and discover amazing wines from all around the world, to see what's possible from our favourite grapes, or to find out what to serve with different meals, this is the perfect place to start.

The bottles you will taste generally retail between £10 and £25, so you're in for a treat!

You don't need any starting knowledge of wines other than what you enjoy and what you don't!