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Wine & Cheese Pairing (Discoverer Series) - ON CATCH UP

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Two of life's great joys - Wine & Cheese!

We host a tasting show which you can watch on YouTube at your convenience. 

Tasting kits ship within 48 hours of order.   

We've got the message, the nibbles are an important part of any wine tasting.  So in October we partnered with Pong Cheese to bring you a brilliant night of both wine AND cheese!  Ben from Pong Cheese will talk through their October club box, and Jamie & Alex partner them to six great wines and explain the basics of how to create the perfect wine and cheese pairings.

There are always considerations with any wine and food match, including texture, acidity, fat and tannins - but mostly it is about what you enjoy.  Join us for a fun evening of wines, cheeses, information, quizzes, bad shirts and banter - and let us help you find your next great match!

Please note: this order is for the wine kit; the cheeses were available separately. Join the Pong Cheese Club (with no minimum commitment) and get 50% off your order with the code CLUB50ORDER YOUR PONG CHEESE CLUB BOX.  If you would like to know the exact cheeses to buy to follow the tasting please email us on

The Discoverer Series

Our starting point for entering the world of Wine - our Discoverer Series is perfect for people who love wine but are most comfortable picking their favourite or whatever's on special offer in the supermarket! 

If you think you might like to push your boundaries and discover amazing wines from all around the world, to see what's possible from your favourite grapes, or to find out what to serve with different meals, this is the perfect place to start. 

You don't need any starting knowledge of wines other than what you enjoy and what you don't! This is a fun, casual and jargon-free way to learn about wine while having a great time. If you want to switch to a different level at any time, you are welcome and free to do so!

Either join our LIVE and interactive online tasting (around 1 hour) where you can ask your own questions, or watch the recording at your own pace, whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Six wines, 100ml samples.