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Alex has been going on holiday to Greece most years since he was a small child. It’s a quite wonderful country, as so many of us know! But the wines were a bit of a mixed bag, especially when you brought a bottle back home and re-tasted it, no longer on a beautiful sunny beach in a Taverna… And let’s not even mention the Retsina!  

The fact is that Greek winemaking had been left behind by the rest of the world. Techniques used to make them had hardly changed since ancient times. And truly ancient those times were, as it was the Greeks themselves who exported winemaking around much of the Mediterranean in the early days!

But what has happened in recent years is nothing short of a revolution; winemaking has come on an incredibly long way in the last 20 years in Greece. What makes it such an incredible place, however, is the astonishing variety of unique grapes that grow in tiny pockets across both the mainland and, of course, the hundreds of islands. 

And it turns out that, when given some real care and attention – and, particularly, shelter from the extreme heat – they can make utterly delicious wines that are going on to win prizes in the top international competitions and finding a whole new range of fans. So come join us and you may well find yourself becoming one of the new ambassadors from this incredible ancient, but re-discovered, winemaking tradition!

If you would like to get into more technical wine details, then go ahead and get our Greek Wines Masterclass tasting instead.