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We have three different clubs, for wherever you are on your wine journey, whether you're a thinker or just a drinker!

Our Online Wine Tasting clubs are all about the experience: getting to taste through wines with our expert hosts, contribute your tasting notes and talk all things wine with our amazing community! We do deep dives into regions, grapes, interesting topics, helping you truly become Wine Confident.

But if you just want to try three new wines and don't want to commit an hour to listening to us witter on, we are proud to bring you the revolutionary Blink Wine Club, which lets you try three wine samples every month for free!

Adventurers Discoverers Blink
Pick your club Learn all about wine! Have fun and get wine confident! Taste for free!

Travel the wine world with our masterclasses and taste premium wines made by the world’s best winemakers!

Featuring expert guests & hosts, in-depth wine education.

The great value night in; no longer gaze, mystified, at a wine list! Try new wines without risking full bottles.

The most accessible way to find new wines! Zero time commitment, zero wine jargon, just great wine samples through your letterbox.

Become an Adventurer... Become a Discoverer... Join now...
What's in the kit 6 x 100ml
(serves 1-2)
6 x 100ml
(serves 1-2)
3 x 100ml
(serves 1-2)
Price £44.95
(inc P&P)
(inc P&P)
when you add £10 of credit
Typical bottle RRP & style of wines £15-£40
Small premium batch, Family winemakers, Exciting regions
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Explore grapes and classic styles of wine from around the world
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Special offers on exceptional everyday wines
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Wine Highlight Videos & e-Tasting Notes Feature Included Feature Included Feature Included
Live Online Tasting
(available on-demand)
Feature Included Feature Included Feature Not Included
Gift Card in every kit £10 £5 Feature Not Included
Flavour & Aroma Guide + Tasting Journal Feature Included Feature Not Included Feature Not Included