Online Wine Tasting Zoom Night - Our Ladys RC School (28th November 8pm) The Online Wine Tasting Club

Online Wine Tasting Zoom Night - Our Ladys RC School (28th November 8pm)

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Many of the famous wine regions of Italy are in the North of the country, such as Valpolicella, Soave, Prosecco and Barolo. The baking heat that hits the South of Italy is a world away from the mountains of the North. Also, it's been hit hard by the economic winds in the last 20 years. Unemployment is hurting the locals badly.

So, plenty of sun, cool indigenous grape varieties, tonnes of history, expertise, closeness to the sea, interesting soils on great slopes and lots of people willing to work hard in the vineyards to make great wine? That's a recipe for incredible wines and great value for money.

But the price challenges mean that there's plenty of bad wine around too. We go to find out how Southern Italy can be a paradise for wine lovers and bargain hunters if you just know where to look... 

It's 5 x half glasses of wine per person.

Our eco-friendly packaging is ultra-lightweight and has around 1/10th the carbon emissions of glass bottles.


£5 from every order goes to fundraising for the school!

10% of any wines purchased after the event also goes to the school!

Last Orders!

To let us pack up and ship out the wines on time, we need orders in by end of 19th November !

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