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Food and Wine Pairing Masterclass - Tasting Kit (Adventurer Series)

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Live Tasting: May 22nd, 8PM live, or on catch-up

Explore the art of Food and Wine Pairing with The Online Wine Tasting Club. This is a tasting kit of six wine samples specially chosen by our sommeliers to pair with a three-course menu that you can buy and make at home, find at your local supermarket... or just drink the wines!

WARNING: Jamie and Alex are unleashed on this one, so we will be picking six of our absolute favourite wines and they will be very special indeed!

We host a tasting show which you can watch live, if you order before mid-day on May 14th, or watch on YouTube afterwards at your convenience. 

Tasting kits ship around 7 days before the tasting to ensure freshness.   

Pairing food and wine is a... controversial topic! On one hand, you should drink exactly whatever you like – if an expert recommends you something that you don't like, it's clearly not what you should be drinking.

On the other hand, there are some things you can think about that will help you find wines that work better together with the key components of food - acid, salt, sweetness, bitterness, spice, umami... 

We present a menu that you can buy in advance, easily cook along with us and taste the food and wine together, and then judge which of our suggested pairings work better. Three courses, Six wines, you decide the winners...

And, for the first time in our Adventurer Series tasting, we feature SIX wines and larger 75ml samples, making this pack ideal for one thirsty person and absolutely fine to share between two. 

The menu will have vegetarian alternative suggestions available.

Live or on catch-up video after the event. 

The Adventurer Series

Our Adventurer Series is perfect for people who feel they know their way around a wine shop, but want to take the next step and explore the differences a great winemaker can have on a wine, learn about lesser-known grapes and find the hidden value around the world.

You'll probably already know the common grape varieties and have some favourite regions, but this remains a great fun, approachable course. We'll explain what the different terms you'll find on a label are, how to taste like a pro, and learn how to master a restaurant wine list! We'll also teach you about food pairings and why things work so well together (or don't!) 

Based at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust's Level 2/3 point, this is a great way to take your appreciation of wine to the next level, to demystify wine, to build confidence in choosing wines and to discover some incredible new wines that you may never have even considered before.

We'll teach you all about how these wines are made, what makes them special and we'll highlight a few of the things to watch out for in the wine world and you will have a great time too as it's a mix of entertainment and education!

On this advanced level course, we also introduce a winemaking or grape-growing concept every month.

Either join our LIVE and interactive online tasting (around 90 minutes) where you can ask your own questions, or watch the recording at your own pace, whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Six wines, 75ml samples.