Top Wine Trends for 2022

Jamie Smith – co-founder of The Online Wine Tasting Club

Alternative, Eco Packaging
It took a long time for the industry, and then the general public to support the screw cap. However, glass is heavy, expensive to ship and costly to recycle. This year, we’ll see a move towards wines in either lighter glass or alternative packaging, such as cans or bag in box or in kegs. More and more great wines are coming in these other styles of packaging, and not just cheap wines!
Try... the wines from The Canned Wine Company or The Copper Crew

Low / No-Alcohol Wines
Climate change and wine making styles over the last 20 years have seen a trend towards bigger, heavier, higher alcohol wines, however this seems to be moving back to a balanced approach. There are more and more low and no alcohol wines starting to hit the market, with varying degrees of success. I used to be in the camp of ‘there are so many good N/A drinks, why drink a poor quality N/A wine’  but take a look at Willowglen 0.0%  by De Bortoli, they do a Riesling / Gewurztraminer blend and a Shiraz that are not far away in taste from their alcoholic companions.

For other N/A options, check out

Better Online Tastings & Events
I know, I know we are all Zoomed out, but online events and education will continue, especially keep an eye on people like 67 Pall Mall with their TV Channel, the Online Wine Tasting Club with its taste-along immersive subscription, bringing the winery into your living room, while international travel is still limited (or tricky!).
The Online Wine Tasting Club
67 Pall Mall

Wine Tourism, for English Wine
News flash! We make great wines in this country, that can stand up against many of the great wines from other countries. After judging at the IEWA (Independent English Wine Association) last year, the level of English wine is just going up and up. Lots of producers have tasting rooms, restaurants, cellar door shops. So, get out, visit the wineries, join in a harvest day, find out their stories and share your new favourites with your family and friends.
Balfour Hush Heath - Amazing tasting room and beautiful views over the vineyard
Oastbrook – Fantastic pinot gris … stay in a hobbit house!