Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a Subscription to the club?

Click here to our website home page, click on the drop down button ‘Join The Club’ You have the option to pick ‘Rolling Monthly membership’ or ‘6-month membership’. Click on which subscription you prefer and the amount of months you would like to receive a tasting pack. You can choose between 3-months or 6-months. 

How do these plans work?

The 6-month rolling monthly subscription will charge you once a month until you decide to cancel, pause or skip payment. The 6-month subscription is a committed membership which you cannot cancel until the 6 months are up. After this, if you do not cancel your subscription, you will stay a member, receiving packs monthly with your 6-month discount intact.  

How many times will I be charged?

Gift subscriptions are charged up front, and they do not renew automatically. Rolling month memberships automatically charges you every month but you can cancel anytime. 

How long do I have access to the content?

You have lifetime access as long as you do not cancel your membership. If you do not want to cancel your membership we also offer the options to pause or skip a month(s). 

How do I redeem my gift subscription?

To redeem your gift subscription on our website here, click on the drop down button ‘Gifts’ and ‘Redeem a gift subscription’. There you have the option to choose between the Discoverer or Adventurer series which both offer the 3 or 6-months subscription. Click on the checkout where you can enter your gift card code. 

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes, you can. You can ask to resume your plan when you feel ready to receive tasting packs each month and you won’t miss out on your monthly percentage savings that comes with your membership.

Can I skip a month in my subscription?

Yes you can! If you feel as though your tasting packs are piling up in your fridge, you can skip as much as 3 months before receiving your next tasting.

I’ve got too many kits to drink!

Get in touch with us and we can change it so you receive a tasting every other month or every three months so you aren’t overwhelmed!

How do I find the link to the live show?

To join us, point your phone or tablet’s camera at the QR code in your provided booklet which comes with the tasting packs. You can even search on YouTube for The Online Wine Tasting Club

If I miss the live show, can I still watch it on catch up? 

Absolutely, once the live show is over, the exact same recording is posted on YouTube here for you to watch at your own convenience. We typically upload the video after the live even. 

Can I book a private party?

We deliver our wine sample packs or full bottles to all your team, charity or family. We provide tasting notes, or hire one of our sommeliers / wine educators to guide you through the tasting. We can also host events in person or even enable hybrid events where we join you at your offices to host, and your clients, remote workers, or other offices can join in with their very own sample packs. There is no limit on the number of people that can attend.


How much does it cost to hire a Sommelier / wine educator?

To hire one of our wine experts, pricing starts at £175 for a tasting.


When can I purchase a one-off tasting?

Check out our off-the-shelf range of tasting packs here. You can also pre-purchase one-off tastings from the Discoverer and Adventurer series here. 

How to create an account?

Click here to create an account. Add in your details and contact information to verify your email address.  

When do packs get shipped?

Tasting packs are usually shipped 5-7 days before the live event.

What if my pack is damaged or lost?

If your pack has been delivered damaged, lost or stolen please contact customer service here.