Monthly subscription order cut off dates

Subscription orders that are placed before the 10th of the month will be shipped in the same month.

Orders placed after the 10th will be shipped the following month and no charge will be made the following month.

Working example:

Before cut off date

Sarah signs up for the Discoverer series on the 8th January and is immediately charged. The wine tasting is being held on the 24th January.

Sarah's pack is shipped on the 18th January and her next payment charge is scheduled for February 1st.

After cut off date

David signs up for the Adventurer series on the 13th January and is immediately charged. 

January's tasting is being held on the 24th however David does not receive January's tasting pack and his first pack delivery is scheduled for February.

February arrives and the tasting is being held on the 21st.

David does not get charged in the month of February but receives a pack (which was paid for in January)

His next payment charge is scheduled for March. From March he will receive a tasting pack every month.