Luxury Wine Advent Calendar - Around The Wine World in 24 Days

Luxury Wine Advent Calendar - Around The Wine World in 24 Days Wine Online Wine Tasting Club
Luxury Wine Advent Calendar - Around The Wine World in 24 Days Wine Online Wine Tasting Club
Luxury Wine Advent Calendar - Around The Wine World in 24 Days Wine Online Wine Tasting Club

Luxury Wine Advent Calendar - Around The Wine World in 24 Days

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After last year's hugely successful Varietal Advent Calendar, where we tasted our way through the B-Z of 24 grapes, Alex and Jamie were racking their brains (and old literature) to come up with a new and even better concept for 2024... and boy do we think we've got a good one!

Around the Wine World in 24 Days

In the hallowed halls of his venerable club, the air was thick with the aroma of aged tobacco and the faint echoes of grandiose tales past. Phileas Taylor, the intrepid and steadfast adventurer, once again found himself at the heart of an audacious wager. With the marvels of modern wine packaging technology coursing through the veins of the era, a new challenge arose!

It was amidst the sparkle of crystal glasses that Taylor, his countenance as composed as ever, proclaimed his daring ambition: a journey not just all the way around the globe, but passing through all the most renowned wine regions, returning to the foggy streets of London within the span of a mere 24 days. Such a feat had never before been attempted, yet the gleam in Taylor’s eye bespoke of unwavering resolve and the relentless pursuit of adventure!

Thus, with the clinking of coins and the solemn nods of his esteemed compatriots, the die was cast: on the 1st of December 2024, Phileas Taylor and his expert wine guide, Jamie Boirepartout, would embark upon a journey that would see them criss-crossing continents, navigating oceans, and indulging in the finest wines known to humanity. From the sun-kissed vineyards of southern France to the rugged slopes of Napa Valley, from the ancient cellars of Tuscany to the lush valleys of the Mosel, their quest for oenophilic enlightenment knew no bounds!

So, this advent, join us, dear wine lover, as you too can share in this whirlwind expedition, where every sip savoured and every region visited brings us closer to the completion of this audacious wager: Around the Wine World in 24 Days!

Starting in England we travel across Europe, heading into India then via China to Japan. From then we head south through Australia and New Zealand, before traversing the United States and down into Southern America. After that, we cross the Atlantic to South Africa, before heading back in the direction of London, passing Madeira, Portugal and Spain on our way back to our final stop in England.

Join us on this marvellous trip around the world (around the world!) – you would have to be a Daft Punk not to order this calendar! Each day will come with a short video introducing the wine and the region from our two wine adventurers... with interviews with the winemakers, awful costumes plus the occasional terrible wine song...

Compared to some other wine advent calendars that use plastic mini bottles, you'll have less to drink. Yes, we mean that - it's a good thing! Drink less... but far better. Rather than encourage you to drink ~5 litres of cheap, forgettable wine in December, we'd rather give you 24 small glasses of stunning, exhilarating wines, made sustainably by top winemaking families.

We are trying our best to maintain last year's retail price of £99.95, but we may have to raise it a little given the cost of wine has gone up so much. However, by reserving one today, you get a special PRE-SALE PRICE OF £84.95. 

Get one for yourself, for two to share, for your friends, your family, or any other wine lover in your life. Calendars will ship towards the end of November to arrive in plenty of time.

Our beautiful, compact design is perfect to showcase on your mantlepiece or kitchen counter, not taking up valuable turkey space in the fridge! 

These luxury calendars are again limited to just a few hundred, and we SOLD OUT last year, so when they are gone, they are gone! Don't miss out.

  • 24 x 100ml wine samples, bottles range from £12 to £40 RRP.

*Full wine and region list will be announced nearer the release date.