Wine Sample Packing Service

Want to get samples of your wines into the hands of customers? Rather than shipping full bottles around, consider the environmental advantages of shipping samples using our multi-award-winning packaging solution.

  • Samples repacked under inert gas to protect against oxygen damage
  • Custom-built, automated processing line
  • 6 mini-BIB samples fit in Large Letter format package
  • Letterbox-friendly
  • Less than 750g per pack (inc. wine)
  • Certified wine-safe / food-safe packing materials and gases
  • No chemical additions, filtration or modification to the wine
  • Lowest-cost shipping
  • <1/10th CO2 emissions of samples shipped in glass bottles.
  • Sample sizes from 40-100ml
  • Wine quality check on each bottle
  • Wines received and processed in IBC (bulk containers), kegs or bottles
  • Colour-sorted glass recycling for best reusability
  • Custom-printed colour wine information cards
  • Repacking samples up to 20,000+ kits per month
  • Lowest cost and highest quality in the business.


Customers include

  • Naked Wines
  • Three Wine Men
  • Wines of New Zealand
  • Wines of Rueda
  • Cordon Bleu Cookery School
  • Paso-Primero
  • Vinkind


Talk to us for custom pricing – discounts are available for wine shipped in bulk containers. We also have pricing available for smaller samples shipped in bare pouches: ideal for training or trade samples.

Pricing is per pack of 6 wine samples, includes quality check, testing, labour, setup / cleaning costs and glass recycling, custom colour-printed wine information sheet, insertion of any marketing collateral.

Prices do not include VAT or postage. We can handle shipping direct to customers from our facility, with customer data handled in a GDPR-compliant fashion and securely deleted after shipping.

Shipping prices depend on overall pack weight and service level, and start from £1.45 + VAT.

Custom Tasting Packs

We are AWRS certified so can supply wine at wholesale prices if you are wishing to put together a custom tasting pack.


"The quality was excellent. 100% like-for-like with the bottle. Very well done." - Ray O'Connor MW

"Many thanks for all your monumental efforts in rebottling and despatching all our various sample packs. They have been very-well received as you have hopefully seen on Social Media!" - Wines of New Zealand

"Very space-age... Mini, lightweight wine tasting pouches. Seriously approve." - Will Lyons

Get in touch with us to find out more or to get a custom quotation.